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Masterpiece Tracks MP-25

Profile (Translated from the Trading Card)
MP-25 Cybertron Warrior Tracks
Function: Warrior
Motto: “Looking good is what life's all about.”
Tracks is a narcissist who is enamoured with his own body. Has a passion and love for Earth and its people and hides a secret yearning to be human himself. Armed with a Black Beam Gun and a Heat Seeking Incendiary Launcher he is a reliable Cybertron Warrior and his aerial techniques rival the Jetrons.
STR...6; INT...6; SPD...7; END...8; RNK...5; CRG...6; FBL...8; SKL...8

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Tracks is based on the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C3 released between 1980-82. He made his debut in the G1 cartoon partway through Season 2 in Dinobot Island Part 1 and certainly made his mark as a unique and stand out character.

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C3 1981 (Source:

In January 2015, listings for MP-25 Tracks, MP-26 Road Rage and MP-27 Ironhide were leaked on the online Chinese marketplace, Taobao. In February 2015 a photograph of a grey prototype Tracks appeared in the latest Figure King magazine and the following month in March, (an online shop based in Asia) released colour photographs. 

MP-25 Tracks was released in late November 2015 for 7,500 Yen. Apart from the great looking car mode, I've always felt the original G1 Tracks was one of the weaker Autobot cars, and I have the same feeling with this Masterpiece figure. Compared to the other original G1 cars, Tracks was more plastic than diecast metal and it felt rather fragile to handle, especially when folding the arms out of car mode. Overall it is a good figure and the car mode looks fantastic but there is just something about it. 

The Masterpiece version comes packaged in vehicle mode with the following accessories:-
  • Flight Stand (a clear version of this stand was also available on its own through the Takara Tomy Mall)
  • Black Beam Gun
  • Black Beam Gun for front grill
  • Blaster / Broadcast cassette deck non transforming figurine
  • Raoul figurine 
  • Two sets of wing mirrors

As mentioned above the vehicle mode does not have the wing mirrors attached and they come still attached on a sprue as well as a second spare set. The vehicle mode is fantastic and looks just like the actual car. Given Takara Tomy haven't made the complete move to cartoon accuracy yet, the flame decals adorning the bonnet are a replica of the original G1 toy sticker. The animation model only features a bland red flame and the roof features a yellow square with an Autobot logo in its centre. This is present in this Masterpiece although it is flipped out for robot mode. 

The blue plastic features a metal flake finish which looks really good and there are other great details such as the Corvette logo on the bonnet and beneath the rear window. This is also the first Masterpiece car to feature an opening bonnet and although this is part of the transformation into robot mode, the designers added engine detail. What you may notice however is the engine is the one seen in the episode "Tracks the Warrior" (or "Make Tracks") and not an actual Corvette engine.

Also seen in this episode is Raoul, a human who would also appear a second time in the episode "Broadcast VS Soundwave" (aka "Auto-Bop"). Raoul is a small non-movable figurine on a plastic base and doesn't really interact with Tracks.

Track's car windows are a transparent light blue and you can see the robot mode head inside. I would have preferred opaque or even painted windows however the decision must have been made based on accessory storage as you can fit the included Broadcast (Blaster) figure inside and Tracks' Black Beam Gun, although not at the same time. As the windows are clear you can see either Broadcast or the gun. This gimmick can be a pain as you have to almost transform the rear of the car to flip up the car roof for access.

The Masterpiece figure also includes Track's third flight mode. During transformation you have to tab in the robot arms to the side of the car mode. My tabs were rather stiff and given the plastic is rather thin I had to be careful when doing this. The flight mode is based off the animation model rather than the G1 toy so gone are the missiles and instead there are the rear fins. The second Black Beam Gun for the front grill, as seen in the cartoon, can also be attached.

The included flight stand can also be made of use for this mode.

Transformation is good although it does feel very fragile when doing so. The simple hand transformation is great and it is nice to see the designers did not opt for a faux robot chest and were able to use the actual car roof, complete with the flip out logo. Caution should be used for transforming the robot legs as the robot shins are known to be easily broken. The robot head does not snap into place very well either, if you swing it out, it can be pushed back very easily and if you do force it to click, the head swings forward very easily so there does not appear to be any middle ground.

Posability in robot mode is okay but is dated compared to the likes of later releases. When you do try and pose the figure, especially the arms, the chest becomes untabbed from the shoulders very easily. The Black Beam Gun fits snugly in Track's hand. As Tracks' backpack and chest are easily untabbed when handling this figure it does take out a lot of the fun. Upon revisiting this figure I hoped I would be able to see past the flaws but I'm still of the opinion this is the weakest of the Cybertron cars.


A beautiful warrior flying in the majestic blue sky (Translated from the back of the box) 
The Corvette is a Chevrolet sports car owned by General Motors (GM). Called the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C3, the C3 model is the third generation launched in 1968. It is a famous American car with a large V8 displacement engine and a curved body design known as the “Coke Bottle Line”. The eye-catching Corvette Stingray C3 transforms into “Tracks”, the Cybertron Warrior who appeared in “Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers.” He was presented as a very unique character who admires his own body, especially in vehicle form and often made narcissistic comments. He also has a strong admiration for the Earth and its people and was shown to be frequently engaging in activities with the humans. He has a flight mode which can be called his third mode and has taken part in many battles providing his fellow Cybertrons with air support. With this item, we were very particular with details such as Tracks' “beauty” as well as recreating the engine under the bonnet. Also included are many accessories as seen in the cartoon. We hope you enjoy the charm of Cybertron Warrior Tracks which has been recreated using modern techniques.

■ Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C3 (Actual Car Notes) 
(Translated from the back of the box) 
The third generation model known as the Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C3 was introduced in 1968 and had inherited the coke bottle design of the Mako Shark II concept car. It is said to have been inspired by the aerodynamic concept of the “Area Rule” for jet fighters which could surpass the speed of sound. Its structure was inherited from the first generation Sting Ray C2, adopting a double wishbone in the front and a rigid axle and horizontal leaf springs at the rear. The engine was either a big-block or small-block Chevrolet V Type 8 Cylinder OHV and with the use of a special unit known as the LS-6, it was possible to reach 7440cc/425 horsepower. This vehicle could truly be called the embodiment of an American large displacement sports car with an abundance of torque and powerful performance. Its evolution continued up until 1972 when a series of environmental and safety regulations took the edge off. It was transitioned to a mild GT car but it remained a sleek and glamorous Chevrolet flagship car until it was discontinued in 1982. 

■ Length: 4636 mm 
■ Width: 1753 mm 
■ Height: 1214 mm 
■ Wheelbase: 2489 mm 
■ Weight: 1552kg 
■ Engine: LS-6 V Type 8 Cylinder 7440cc 
■ Maximum Output: 425 horsepower / 5600 rpm 
■ Maximum Torque: 65.7kgm / 5600 rpm

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C3 Vehicle Mode (Translated from the instruction booklet)
Tracks transforms into the Corvette Stingray C3, an attractive vehicle mode with a unique curvaceous design. As well as the beauty of his Corvette vehicle form, it’s also blue in colour, much like the Earth which he is incredibly fond of. It also has a fire pattern on the bonnet which gives a strong impact to the overall design. Tracks is particularly fascinated by the beauty of his vehicle mode and much prefers this form to his robot mode. Even during battle he is worried about his appearance and would rather remain in vehicle mode until conditions force him to transform to robot mode. 
Although he likes to show off the beauty of his vehicle mode, he has put himself into situations where he has suffered severe damage; his bonnet has been squashed against a telephone pole by a car thief and he was crushed by Blitzwing in his tank mode.
In vehicle mode his land speed is 448km/h and he can also extend the wings housed underneath his rear fender to enable him to fly at semi-sonic speeds. He has even defeated Starscream, out manoeuvring him with his aerial techniques and is considered a valuable addition to the Cybertron's aerial forces.

Tracks Robot Mode (Translated from the instruction booklet)
● Function: Warrior
● Motto: “Looking good is what life is all about.”
● Profile
Cybertron Tracks appeared from the middle of the “Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers” series. Although he is noticeably narcissistic, at the same time he has great affection and an affinity with the humans on Earth. Enjoys being involved in Earth culture, from playing basketball with Commander Convoy and his comrades to being invited to film a movie with Hoist. Together with Broadcast, he loves Earth's culture and there are many scenes depicting his friendship with the humans and Bumble. In particular he loves New York city where he met the young car thief Raoul and together they foiled a Destron plot. Since then he became friends with Raoul and worked with him a second time during the Disco Dancitron case. Uses his Heat Seeking Incendiary Launchers equipped in his back and also his hand held Black Beam Gun in battles against such foes as the Insectrons when they were devouring Earth's crops and when confronting a huge organism from space that was attacking San Francisco. Although his self-consciousness can be a little overbearing, he has a captivating personality and is respectful and friendly to the humans. His charming character makes him stand out amongst the other Cybertron warriors.

Weapon: Black Beam Gun (Translated from the instruction booklet)
Track’s gun fires a beam of black light at his enemies to temporarily blind them. It can also be used as a normal weapon and its power can be adjusted to blow up a Destron robot car factory in a single shot to melting guns held by humans. Additionally it is shown to have the same ability as Broadcast's Electro Scrambler Gun in episode 51 “Broadcast VS Soundwave”.

Mode: Flight Mode (Translated from the instruction booklet)
Has the ability to fly, deploying wings stored at the base of his vehicle mode. Has a wide range in flight mode, as shown in Episode 51 “Broadcast VS Soundwave” where he is shown to out manoeuvre and fight off Starscream. Additionally in Episode 25 “Megatron's Plan to Rule Earth”, a laser emerges from his front bumper to blind Dirge.

Ally: Raoul (Translated from the instruction booklet)
Lives in New York and was a car thief from an early age. Initially tried to sell Tracks, but after his rehabilitation he has become a close friend.

Ally: Broadcast (Translated from the instruction booklet)
Cybertron warrior Broadcast transforms into a cassette deck. Tracks and Broadcast have a close friendship as they both share an affinity to Earth's culture.


Diaclone 1984 (Japan)

Diaclone 1984 (Italy)


Diaclone 1984 (Finland)

A black version of the Corvette Stingray was found to have been released in Finland as an R-Kioski store exclusive. The black version finally came to have an official Transformers release as an exclusive in the June 2016 Tokyo Toy Show - a repainted Masterpiece Tracks, now a Destron called Loud Pedal.


Joustra Diaclone 1985 (France)



The Transformers 1985 (Hasbro)

Source: eBay

The Transformers 1985 (Takara)

The Transformers 1985 (MB)

When Tracks was released in the Transformers line he was originally going to be red like the Diaclone version and was also depicted in the red colour on the artwork on the back of the box. Milton Bradley took stock from the Joustra Diaclone line which is why this Tracks was released in his intended colours (later to be retconned as Road Rage).


The Transformers 1991 (Hasbro UK)

For some reason the 1991 reissue is slightly different from its 1985 release as its diecast metal legs are now painted black rather than left unpainted, although it does now resemble the box art. Later reissues reverted to the unpainted version.


The Transformers 1991 (Hasbro Spain)

Source: eBay

Transformer Collection Series 2002 (Takara)

e-Hobby Exclusive 2002 (Takara)

The red Tracks was now intentionally released in the Transformers line now as a different female character called Road Rage.

Exclusive 2002 (Takara)

As well as the red Tracks being released, Takara also reissued the black version as a lucky draw exclusive, limited to 300 pieces. This version features noticeably different colours from the Finnish Diaclone version and unlike the red version this has no character card with it.


Commemorative Series 2003 (Hasbro)

Source: eBay

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