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Legacy Thunder Megazord

Thunder Megazord Stats
Length: 380 ft
Width: 147 ft
Height: 203 ft
Weight: 510 tons
Speed: 93 mph

The Thunder Megazord was the main Zord from the second season of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers which aired between 1994 and 1995; the original Thunder Megazord toys were released in 1994 separately as the Red Dragon Thunderzord and the Thunderzord Assault Team as well as a gift set of the 2.

Bandai revealed the Legacy version at the San Diego Comic Convention in 2015 and this was eventually released in January 2016.

It is a large (very large) gift set of an updated Red Dragon Thunderzord and the Thunderzord Assault Team which includes the Lion Thunderzord, Unicorn Thunderzord, Griffin Thunderzord and Firebird Thunderzord. As with the other Legacy Megazords it can combine with other Megazords with the Zord Builder ports. It can also combine into the Mega Tigerzord using the Legacy Tigerzord.

Red Dragon Thunderzord

This is my second favourite after the original Megazord, its transformation is identical to the original version as well as having a much slender look closer to the Zord seen in the television series. The paint work is very detailed and the main torso section is die cast metal. In dragon mode one of the main differences is the neck and tail sections which are formed from the robots legs. When transforming from robot to dragon, the legs are stretched into smaller sections containing ball joints adding additional movement although they won't stay posed.

Lion Thunderzord

This one is quite heavy because of the amount of die-cast metal, mainly found in the lions feet which also turn into the Thunder Megazords arms - this is troublesome as it limits the poses making the Zord too top heavy. The Megazords helmet plugs into a slot to become the lions tail, a sturdier connection than the original.

Unicorn Thunderzord

Similar to the Griffin Thunderzord, this no longer has wheels on the base unlike the original and it has a small amount of die-cast metal. This features a Zord Builder port which can be flipped up when combining with such Zords as the Legacy White Tigerzord.

Griffin Thunderzord

Near identical to the Unicorn Thunderzord apart from the different head and minor detailing.

Firebird Thunderzord

The smallest of the Thunderzords, it has a lot of detailing on the wings and has a die-cast neck. It does not however come with any feet attachments like the original did.

Thunderzord Assault Team

Just as he original, this comes with a stand for all the Zords to be assembled on. As with the Unicorn and Griffin, this does not have any wheels. I've noticed on mine one of the clips which the handle / Firebird stand snaps onto has a nice big stress mark so its a shame this wasn't made of stronger plastic.

Thunder Megazord

When combined this thing is big and heavy, though not as tall or as bulky as the original version. This features a lot of detailing, especially with the chromed sword and gold metal chain which is a nice addition and the head can even turn. The arms I found are the weakest part of the Zord, they are too heavy so when raised to hold the sword or staff, the figure slightly slumps forward. Also where the clip onto the Red Dragon Thunderzords arms, it tends not to hold too well and the slightest touch can sometimes unclip them. They clip onto a painted section on the Red Dragon Thunderzord and I've noticed the paint rubbing away slightly. It does also have opening fists and wrist swivel.

Mega Tigerzord

To form this mode is a pain as you have to remove the White Tigerzords rear tiger feet (mine don't like coming out and you feel although the plastic will break) as well as removing the silver leg guards on the Unicorn and Griffin. You didn't have to do this on the original and its a shame Bandai did not utilise a design where you don't have to remove pieces, as long as you don't lose them it is not a major issue. The silver leg guards need removing for the Zord Builder ports to be flipped and snapped in place.

The Lion Thunderzord attaches to the back of the White Tigerzord, though not by itself. The set comes with a plastic adapter which fits to the underside of the lion and then clips to the back of the Tigerzord. The Firebird Thunderzord also comes with an attachment which allows it to clip onto the Thunderzord Assault Team stand as well as to be used as a handle for the Mega Tigerzord to hold.

Overall, the Thunder Megazord is a really nice, well made figure though I can't fully recommend it because of the high price tag, which I feel is somewhat over inflated for what you actually get. Its nice to see it combine with the White Tigerzord though I could do without the need to remove parts. Bandai probably should have left out the Zord Builder function from the Legacy line as I wouldn't really consider it as a selling point.

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