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Masterpiece Star Saber MP-24

Profile (Translated from the Trading Card)
MP-24 General Commander Star Saber
Function: General Commander
Motto: “LETS SAY GO!”
Commander-in-Chief of the Galactic Peace Alliance Galactic Defence Force, protecting against evil and unkindness. The greatest swordsman in the universe, the Saber Blade is his main weapon which he uses for defence and attack. He rescued an Earth orphan, Jean who he has raised and cherished as if he was his own. He is the strongest of the Brainmasters and has the Brain of Courage within him.
STR...9; INT...9; SPD...10; END...10; RNK...10; CRG...10; FBL...8; SKL...10

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Star Saber won Takara Tomys poll for fans for the Transformers 30th Anniversary to choose the next Masterpiece figure. The winner was announced on the 19th November 2013 and was released in March 2015. For the Masterpiece line so far, this is an unusual release as up to now the releases have been based on the original G1 series from 1984 to 1986. Additionally this is the first release whose original toy did not see a release outside of Japan.

Star Saber is cartoon accurate as you'd expect from a Masterpiece figure and is larger then the original Star Saber, though the smaller Saber figure and the Brain of Courage are much smaller then the original releases.

As with the original Star Saber has 3 robot modes. The Brain of Courage is a small robot with no alternate mode, it can either sit in Sabers cockpit in jet mode and stands within Sabers chest. Star Saber is a Brainmaster, the gimmick being a smaller robot is placed in the chest of a larger robot, when the chest is closed, the larger robots face is revealed. Unlike the G1 figure Sabers face is not within the Brain of Courage.

Saber though smaller than the original figure scales with the current Masterpiece Autobot cars. He has his own smaller sword and can hold the Saber Laser weapon. Due to the transformation, Sabers forearms are hollow though this can be overlooked.

Star Sabers main body transforms into the V-Star which can be ridden by Saber. The Masterpiece figure also comes with a shield which can double up as a stand for the V-Star or the large jet mode.

When Saber is in jet mode he can combine with the V-Star to form the larger jet mode. Transformation to robot mode is straightforward though there is a knack clipping Saber in place to form the Star Sabers head and chest. Star Sabers robot form is large and heavy. There is diecast metal in the feet and the 2 grey shoulder guns are also made from diecast metal.


General Commander / Star Saber (Translated from the instruction booklet)
A Cybertron nicknamed “the universe's strongest warrior”.
500,000 years ago the Cybertron Army Commander faced a grave challenge; Deathsaurus (vying for the Emperor of Destruction position) was threatening the galaxy with his Space Fortress. He was eventually defeated and sealed away in the Dark Nebula. The Galactic Peace Alliance was formed in the 21st Century and Star Saber was appointed Commander in Chief of the Galactic Defence Force. Not feeling that he was a worthy leader, he consulted with his good friend God Ginrai. After this, the new Destron Commander, Deathsaurus, escaped the Dark Nebula and attacked Sector One, aiming to steal Earth's energy.
Star Saber is a Brainmaster and contains the Brain of Courage within him; the function of this Brain powers up his courage. Transforms into a large jet which can separate into a smaller fighter jet, “Saber” and also the “V Star”. His weapons include the Saber Blade which can generate light rays and force fields; the Saber Laser gun unleashes a powerful laser. He has head mounted Photon Vulcans and his shoulder proton missile launchers fire an array of ground blasters and psycho missiles.
He is the best swordsman in the universe and has a passion for justice and is confident in his abilities. He usually has a good natured personality but does have a serious side to him brought on by the weight of his responsibility and has an unrelenting attitude towards evil. Highly thought of by the humans; it is a relief when they see him come to the rescue. Dr. Minakazes ship was attacked by Destrons as it was on an exploration mission to Mars, Star Saber was only able to rescue his new born child Jean. He became Jean's parental guardian and looked after him with a fatherly kindness.

Saber (Translated from the instruction booklet)
Saber is the robot body of Star Saber. The Brain of Courage is housed in the chest and he transforms into a small jet. His main weapons are the Saber Laser and the Saber Blade. When attached to his left arm, the jet nose cone can shoot off and attack the enemy. Works with V-Star as a combat jet and is also found riding atop V-Star whilst in combat.


V-Star (Translated from the instruction booklet)
A dual purpose land and air combat jet. It can accommodate multiple small Transformers and is used in rescue operations. Usually remotely controlled by Saber but for extra manoeuvrability there is a cockpit in the battle head of Star Saber which can be manned.

Large Jet Mode (Translated from the instruction booklet)
Formed from the combination of V-Star and Sabers combat jet. Has a built in Ground Blaster and Psycho Missiles. Has Vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) capability and can carry loads suspended on wires. Can operate in outer space as well as being able to travel at high speeds under water.

Transform (Translated from the instruction booklet)
A power up ability created for the robots on Seibertron. There are a wide range of variations such as transforming into parts of the body or even weapons for their partners; some have a multi-stage transformation combining several robots to form a single larger form.

Saber Blade (Translated from the instruction booklet)
This is Star Sabers main weapon. As well as its use in close combat, it can also be used at a distance, absorbing lightening or energy weapon attacks which can then be fired back at the enemy. It can also generate a defensive force field barrier. The hilt of the sword has the capability to change its size so the smaller Saber is able to wield the giant sword in battle.

Saber Laser (Translated from the instruction booklet)
Star Sabers powerful weapon laser gun which can also be used by the smaller Saber. In most battles Star Saber uses his Saber Blade and rarely uses the Saber Laser in battle though it is present during his transformation in the opening sequence of each episode.

Shield (Translated from the instruction booklet)
Fight! Star Sabers shield used during the final battle against Deathsaurus in the giant Fortress in episode 37 of Transformers Victory “Showdown! The Fortress vs the Victory Unification”. It has a strong enough defence to withstand the attacks from the Fortress.


Star Saber (1989)

The original 1989 Star Saber from the Transformers Victory line.

Star Saber (2004)

Robot Masters Star Saber, a small figure based on the G1 figure. He can combine with Victory Leo who was also released in this short lived toy line.

Wing Saber (2004)

Transformers Superlink Wing Saber. Unrelated to Star Saber but its design and colours are based on Star Saber.

Star Saber black ver. (2005)

A black redeco of the 2004 Robot Masters Star Saber which was an e-Hobby store exclusive.

GT-R Saber (2013)

Released under the Transformers GT-R line. Transforms into Nissans Calsonic Impul GT-R race car

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