Sunday, 13 September 2015

Jetfire (Armada)

Jetfire adopted the form of Earth's most advanced and adventurous craft - the space shuttle. He is Optimus Prime's executive officer, second in command and has the honourable and rare task of being able to combine with him - redefining the term teamwork. He exemplifies all of the special qualities found in Autobot commanders: courageous, tactically skilled, and a natural leader. Taking the time to know each Autobot, Jetfire understands their individual strengths and weaknesses - in battle, he knows exactly where each soldier will excel. While relaxed with the troops, he becomes all business when it's time for action. He is heroic in battle, caring not about size or number of enemies; with a take on all comers' mentality. Equally efficient and effective on the ground and in the air, he is air mobile and ground capable.

Jetfire's name had not been used since the original 1985 release and although this version is different it does have a few similar features. Mainly it is a white space craft; they both have a red and black stripe detailing and Armada Jetfires wings behind his back in robot form are a similar outline to the red back pack of the original. As well as a homage to G1 Jetfire, it was also confirmed by Hasbro designer Aaron Archer that Jetfire is also a homage to Takaras 1989 Transformers Victory Galaxy Shuttle.

1985 Jetfire

In shuttle form, Jetfire is a solid sturdy figure, the shuttle bay doors open up and although there is no space to put any Mini-Cons, there is a lot of detailing on the underside. Jetfires Mini-Con Comettor has a third mode being able to transform into landing gear underneath the nose of the shuttle.

Although a decent figure in robot mode, its articulation is limited particularly with the legs which has been sacrificed so Jetfire can have a second transformation. Jetfires gun also has lights and sounds operated by pressing on the white tail fin.

Before the 2007 Revenge of the Fallen, this is the first Jetfire figure to be able to combine with Optimus Prime, forming Jet Optimus. Unlike the 2007 figure this earlier combination had a lot more articulation and play value.

Jetfire can also interact with Armada Overload, also he doesn't combine with him, Jetfire can fit on the back of Overload when they are in vehicle form, and in turn they can link up with Optimus Prime.

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