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GiG's Diaclone & Trasformers (Part 5: Dinosaurs & Jets)

Trasformer Magazine Advertisement (Source: eBay)

Among the Auto Robots and Micro Change released under GiG's Trasformer banner were the Dinosauro Robots (Dinosaur Robots), Jet Robots and the Tripla Trasformazione Robots (Triple Transformation Robots). Released between 1984 and 1985 and similarly with the Auto Robots which were released in 1985, there were variants of the Dinosairo Robots which were the actual Transformer Dinobots packaged in GiGs Trasformer styled box. As with the majority of the Trasformers the Dinosauro and Tripla Trasformazione and Jet Robots came with the usual safety missiles.

Dinosauro Robots

Japanese version (left) and the Italian counterpart (right)

The box art is near identical to the original Japanese versions with a few minor differences such as a new logo.

The back of the Dinosauro Robots boxes had a story and also advertised the available figures on the back of the box. As with the Japanese version the diorama for "Tyrannosaurus" and "Triceratops" only feature these two figures but for "Brontosaurus" and "Stegosaurus" the diorama features all 5 figures. For some reason the second diorama photograph with all 5 figures has been reversed on the GiG box. The fifth Dinosauro Robot (Pteranodon aka Swoop) was never released in an Italian styled box; however there have been first hand reports that the Japanese version was directly imported instead.

Back of the box. (Source: eBay)
Sono stati ideati per difenderci da un attacco di mostri preistorici sconosciuti. Hanno una enorme forza combattiva come gli animali preistorici e veloci come i robots. Fanno parte di una fortissima squadra per affrontare vari pericoli!!

Translated Story (Many thanks Cristian De Lilla)
They were created to defend us from an attack from unknown prehistoric monsters. They have an enormous strength like the prehistoric animals and the speed of robots. They are part of a strong team that will face various perils!!

Below are all the varients released under the Dinosauro Robot sub-line:-

1) Tyrannosaurus

Source: eBay

Japanese Name: ティラノサウルス 
Article Number: Art.D-1

Tyrannosaurus aka Grimlock was released in 2 variants, one being the same as the original Japanese version with a blue waist and chromed sword, the second was identical to the Transformer version and had a red waist and red sword.

2)  Triceratops

Version 1: Blue chest version (Source: Toysking)

Version 2: Red chest, chromed horns and red head (Source: ilnilo of

Version 2: Chromed horns and red head (Source: ilnilo of

Version 2: Chromed horns and red head (Source: eBay)

Version 4: Red chest with red horns (Source: eBay)

Japanese Name: トリケラトプス
Article Number: Art.D-2

Triceratops (aka Slag) was released in four variants:-

  1. Blue diecast chest with chromed horns and sword (identical to the Japanese version)
  2. Red diecast chest with chromed horns and sword, white legs and red head and silver face (pictured above)
  3. Red diecast chest with red horns, sword, and head (with silver face) with white legs (the same as the Canadian Transformers Slag)
  4. Red diecast chest, red horns and sword with black face and legs (standard 1985 Transformers release)

3) Brontosaurus

Source: eBay

Japanese Name: ブロントザウルス
Article Number: Art.D-3

The Brontosaurus (aka Sludge) was released in two variants, one being identical to the Japanese release with a gold chromed sword and the second variant was identical to the Transformers release, coming with a red sword.
Interestingly the Brontosaurus was never thought to have existed since 1903 with fossilised remains thought to belong to the Aptosaurus species, however in 2015 using computer software to calculate the differences between species, scientists have finally decided that the Brontosaurus was a separate species.

4) Stegosaurus

Version 1 (Source: eBay)

Version 2 (Source: eBay)

Version 3: Source eBay

Japanese Name: ステゴザウルス
Article Number: Art.D-4

Stegosaurus (aka Snarl) has three variants, one being easy to tell apart having black diecast which is identical to the Japanese version and the other with red diecast like the Transformers version. These two versions came with a grey sword. The third version was identical to the Transformers release coming with a red sword.

5) Pteranodon

Source: Samurai Robot Blog

Japanese Name: プテラノドン
Article Number: Art.D-5

For some reason Pteranodon (aka Swoop) was unreleased in Italian packaging however as mentioned above, the Japanese version (pictured above) was sold in Italy. Pteranodon was released in the Transformer line and was renamed Reptilo.

Reptilo (Swoop) Source: darthstrife of

Jet Robot

Source: Yahoo Auctions & eBay

The Italian boxes for the Jet Robots were near identical to the initial Japanese versions and both versions were released in Italy. As with the Dinosauro Robots, they also came with the Inch Man Pilots.

1) F-15 Aquila Intercettatore Da Combattimento

Fighter Jet (Source: Alexanderman of

Japanese Name: 超高速戦闘機タイプ

The Intercettatore Da Combattimento or Interceptor Fighter is the Diaclone version of Starsceam. Two variants were released in Italy, one version came with the standard missiles, the other variant came with two safety missiles.

2) F-15 Aquila Acrobatic Jet

Acrobat Jet (Source: milinguo of

Japanese Name: アクロバットタイプ

The Acrobat Jet is the Diaclone version of Thundercracker; similarly with the Fighter Jet this came in two variants, one with the standard missiles and the second with two safety missiles.

Tripla Trasformazione

Both Triple Transformation Robots released in the Diaclone line were released in Italy, one of which would never appear in the Transformer line.

1) Aereo A Tripla Trasformazione

Source: eBay


Japanese Name: トリプルチェンジャー ジェットタイプ
Article Number: Art. 159505

Identical to the Japanese release but this version came with two safety missiles which were slightly altered to the standard mushroom missiles which came with most Trasformer releases. This triple changer was repainted and released in the Transformer line as Blitzwing in 1985. The Diaclone deco was later released as an eHobby exclusive called Overcharge in 2005.

Inside the box. Source: eBay

2) Elicottero A Tripla Transformazione

Source: seamonkey of Giocattolivecchi

Japanese Name: トリプルチェンジャー ヘリコプタータイプ
Article Number: Art. 159504

The Helicopter Triple Transformation Robot only saw release in Japan and Italy and for whatever reason was never picked up in the Transformer toy line. As with the other Triple Transformation Robot this came with two yellow safety missiles which were different from the standard mushroom missiles.

Source: seamonkey of

Instructions. Source: eBay

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