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GiG's Diaclone & Trasformers (Part 2: Diaclone)

Il Grande (Source: eBay)

Once GiG had released their I Micronauti line, continuing with Megos Micronauts line (See Part 1), they turned their attention to another of Takaras latest brands, Diaclone, releasing many of the figures in Italy.

After Henshin Cyborg which were 12 inch figures in 1972, Takara down scaled in 1974 to 3.75 inch figures in the Microman line and now in the Diaclone line, the figures were now an inch tall and were called "Inch-Men" - (labelled "Dianauti" on GiGs Diaclone boxes).

Though these figures were small and lacked the articulation of the Microman figures, they were pilots for mechanical suits, transforming robots and cities. The Inch-Men had magnets under their feet allowing them to attach to metal components on the larger Diaclone figures.

An early advertisement for Il Grande Robot-Base (Source: eBay)

An early advertisement for Daitron (Source: eBay)

Between 1981 and 1983, GiG released 16 Diaclone figures, only missing a few figures that Takara released domestically in Japan such as the Powered Suits, Big Powered and Sky Base. Both the Japanese and Italian figures are near identical with Takara handling the manufacturing and GiG simply distributing throughout Italy. The main way to tell the difference on these early figures is by the copyright stamp; Takaras domestic Diaclone line are stamped "Takara Japan" whereas GiGs versions were stamped "Takara Macau", the boxes were printed in Singapore.

From 1984, GiG dropped the Diaclone name and released the rest of Takaras products under the new "Trasformer" name. Although released the same year as The Transformers, I believe the similarity in names to be purely coincidental - however later offerings under the Trasformer brand such as the Megarobot multi-azione, were too close to Hasbro's products; this will be explored in later articles.

1) Diaclone Il Grande Robot-Base (1981, GiG)

Il Grande Robot-Base (Source: eBay)

Japanese Name: ロボットベース / The Great Robot-Base
Article Number: No. 461001-5

This was the first Diaclone figure released around June 1980 in Japan and this was also GiGs first Diaclone release in 1981. The first and largest Diaclone figure standing around 17 inches tall in robot mode and it comes with 5 Dianauti figures. The robot head features on the Diaclone logo. Though this never saw a release in the Transformers line, its colour scheme was used as a basis for Brave Maximus in Takaras Car Robots toy line.

Brave Maximus, 2000 (Left), Great Robot-Base, 1980 (middle) and Metrotitan, 1990 (Right). Source:

2) Daitron (1981, GiG)

Daitron (Source: eBay)

Japanese Name: ダイアバトルス / Dai-Battles
Article Number: No. 461015-5

This particular figure was revamped and released by Takara in 2016 as part of their rebooted Diaclone line. The Japanese name is Dai-Battles and the three individual vehicles are called Battles 01, Battles 02 and Battles 03. GiG changed the name to Daitron and the individual ships are called Cosmic 01, Cosmic 02 and Cosmic 03. In Japan each vehicle was also sold separately as well as the giftset but GiG only released tis as one giftset.

3) Base Di Potenza Type 1 Centro Di Comando (GiG, 1981)

Source: eBay

Japanese Name: パワーベース TYPE-1 指令センター / Power-Base Type 1 Command Centre
Article Number: No. 461201-2

The Power Bases were small sections of tracks which came with an Inch-Man and a small vehicle. In the centre section of the track there was a small spring loaded launching platform. There were 4 types of Power Bases and each came in 3 different colours (Black track section with a red vehicle; White track section with a blue vehicle; Red track section with a black vehicle). Each of the tracks could be joined together. The small vehicles were different with each type of Power Base.

The front of the Italian card has an error, although the name "Type-1", "Type-2" differs on each card, the overall name "Centro Di Rigenerazione" stays the same on each of the Power Bases, although this is only the name for the Type-4 Power Base. The full names are displayed on the back of the card.

4) Base Di Potenza Type 2 Centro Di Movimento (GiG, 1981)

Source: tommypunk of

Japanese Name: パワーベース TYPE-2 出動エリア / Power-Base Type 2 Dispatch Area
Article Number: No. 461202-4

5) Base Di Potenza Type 3 Centro Di Parcheggio (GiG, 1981)

Source: vale85 of

Japanese Name: パワーベース TYPE-3 補給エリア / Power-Base Type 3 Supply Area
Article Number: No. 461203

6) Base Di Potenza Type 4 Centro Di Rigenerazione (GiG, 1981)

Source: Diablo of

Japanese Name: パワーベース TYPE-4 修理センター / Power-Base Type 4 Repair Centre
Article Number: No. 461204

7) Dai-Train (GiG, 1981)

Source: Il Grande Armandio

Japanese Name: ダイアトレイン / Dai-Train
Article Number: 461102-0

A common Diaclone piece also released in Takaras Kronoform line as "Protectron", Joustra Diaclone as Daitrain and Grandstand Convertors as Deltarian Shuttle. This features an automatic transformation - from train mode when the two chromed pieces on the top of the train are pressed down the wings flip down and the train extends with the silver nose cone springing out.

8) Cosmo-Car (GiG, 1981)

Source: eBay

Japanese Name: コズモローラー / Cosmo-Roller
Article Number: 461101-9

Another common Diaclone piece, also released as Kronoforms Modulator, Joustra Diaclones Cosmocar and Grand Stand Convertors Deltarian Tracker. Its rubber tracks are prone to easily snap with its age, and like the Dai-Train it also features a motorised transformation.

9) Dragster (GiG, 1982)

Source: eBay

Japanese Name: F-1ダッシャー / F-1 Dasher
Article Number: 461106-8

Released twice by GiG, this was the first release, the second under the Trasformer brand which was sold carded with a different name "Aragon".

10) Bomber (GiG, 1982)

Source: eBay

Japanese Name: スカイダッシャー / Sky Dasher
Article Number: 461105-6

Released twice by GiG, this was the first release, the second under the Trasformer brand which was sold carded with a different name "Cromar".

11) Perforer (GiG, 1982)

Source: eBay

Japanese Name: ドリルダッシャー / Drill Dasher
Article Number: 461104-4

Released twice by GiG, this was the first release, the second under the Trasformer brand which was sold carded with a different name "Zetar".

12) Diaclone Super Buffalo (GiG, 1982)

Source: eBay

Japanese Name: バトルバッファロー / Battle Buffalo
Article Number: 461035-0

Also released as Kronoforms Togor.

13) Diaclone Dai-Attacker (GiG, 1982)

Source: eBay
Japanese Name: ダイアアタッカー / Dai Attacker
Article Number: 461103-2

Also released as Kronoforms Attakon & Grandstand Convertors Zetanoid.

14) Dia-Gats (GiG, 1982)

Source: eBay

Japanese Name: ガッツブロッカー / Gats Blocker
Article Number: No. 461020-9

Also released as Diakrons Multiforce-14-Robot, Kronoforms Multiforce, Joustra Diaclones Multi-Force 14 and Grandstand Converors Alphatron. Like the earlier Daitron figure, GiG only sold Dai-Gats in the giftset box rather than also releasing the vehicles individually as Takara did. There appears to be two versions of Dai-Gats, one with the yellow missiles cut down and a later one with the usual safety missiles.

Boxed with 3 safety missiles (Source: eBay)

15) Warudaros I Guerrieri Di Warda (GiG, 1982)

Source: eBay

Source: eBay
Japanese Name: ワルダー軍団 ワルダロス / Waruder Army Warudaros
Article Number: No. 461016-7

Also released as Kronoforms Wargon & Grandstand Convertors Siclonoid. Comprised of 3 smaller insect robots, Mosquider, Arinder & Sasorander who combine to form Warudaros. Takara also sold these vehicles individually in Japan but GiG only sold the giftset in Italy.

Source: eBay

Source: eBay

16) Diaclone Robot Fortezza (GiG, 1983)

Source: sorcac77 of

Japanese Name: ロボット要塞X / Fortress Robot X
Article Number: No.461002-7

Another large city robot, standing 15 inches tall in robot mode.

Source: eBay

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