Sunday, 13 July 2014

Legacy Megazord

Megazord Stats
Height: 333 ft.
Weight: 172,000 lbs.
Power: 50,000 megavolts
Weapons: Titanium Power Sword, Laser Emitting Eyes, Mammoth Shield, Power Punch Missiles, Thunder Cannons, and Pterodactyl Chest Plate.

The Legacy Megazord is a "reissue" of the original 1993 Megazord to celebrate the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 20th Anniversary in 2013. Bandai did not use the original 1993 mould but the slightly smaller and sleeker mould of the 2010 Megazord. (The 2010 Megazord was released as part of the 2010 reversion of the original 1993 show which was remastered and featured an updated logo.) The Legacy Megazord differs from the 2010 release with the inclusion of diecast metal parts and premium paint work.

The original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers series from 1993 in an adaptation from the Japanese Super Sentai series, which at this time was in its 16th series (having started in 1975) called "Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger". The Megazords Japanese name is "Daizyuzin".

The Megazord is comprised of 5 prehistoric animals (called Guardian Beasts (Shugozyu) in the Sentai Series):-

Tyrannosaurus Dinozord (Shugozyu Tyrannosaurus) - metal legs
Pterodactyl Dinozord (Shugozyu Pteranodon) - metal head
Mastadon Dinozord (Shugozyu Zyu Mammoth) - metal Megazord arms
Sabertooth Tiger Dinozord (Shugozyu SaberTiger) - metal tail
Triceratops Dinozord (Shugozyu Beast Triceratops) - metal tail

When the Dinozords initially combine they form into an Attack Tank Mode (Beast Tank Dino Tanker) and then transforms into the Megazord (Daizyuzin - Great Beast God).

Click the photograph below to view the full gallery on flickr:-

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